Your trusted eyes in the property market is revolutionising property viewings in the UK by providing on-demand video tours and concise reports for informed decisions and remote offers. We empower budget-conscious, time-conscious local and remote buyers with the insights they need to make confident choices. We are reimagining how people view properties in a rapidly changing world. By embracing a digital-first approach, we believe the real estate industry can both grow and contribute to a greener future.

Our Team was born out of a real need. Our team is a unique blend of experienced property investors, search agents, deal sourcers, and estate agents. We've seen the property market from all angles, and one thing resonated strongly across the board:inefficiency in the viewing process.

Countless hours were lost scheduling and attending physical viewings, only to discover the property wasn't a good fit.  For buyers, these viewings often involved travelling long distances, dealing with inflexible schedules, and were ultimately a disappointment. Even for the estate agents, it meant wasted time presenting properties to buyers with mismatched requirements.

We envisioned a better way – a way to leverage technology to  streamline the viewing process and empower informed decisions  for both buyers and sellers.  This vision led to the creation of on-demand video tours and concise reports that provide a clear picture of a property, minimising frustrating and unproductive viewings and saving everyone valuable time.

What you get

2-4 minute video tours:

Get a comprehensive visual experience highlighting both the positives and potential drawbacks of the property.

Concise reports:

Our reports summarise key observations and capture the overall vibe and feeling of the property, focusing on details not readily available in online ads.

Our dedicated team of professional viewers works tirelessly to view properties in Liverpool, often before they officially hit the market. We act as your eyes and ears, providing you with the same insights you would gain from a physical viewing.