Finding your dream home made easy: the process

Searching for a property can feel overwhelming, especially with the need to arrange multiple viewings. Vewingg simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.

  • 1

    Search and Shortlist:

    • Browse listings on platforms like Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market.
    • Shortlist properties that catch your eye.
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    Explore on

    • Search for shortlisted properties from online listings on
    • Download on-demand video tours and concise reports, giving you a virtual "walk-through" experience.
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    Make Informed Decisions:

    • Gain valuable insights into the property's condition, avoiding potential surprises during physical viewings.
    • Understand the overall feel of the space and key aspects like room size, noise level, and neighbourhood vibe.
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    Take Action:

    • Submit an offer with confidence based on your comprehensive understanding of the property.
    • Schedule a physical viewing only if necessary, knowing exactly what to expect.

Reporting Highlights

Our reporting focuses on highlighting crucial key elements, ensuring clarity, without unnecessary information already available on online listing websites.

Structural elements

Walls, ceilings, floors, and any notable concerns identified.

Exterior impressions

Notes on visible cracks, dampness, or structural issues outside the property.

Doors and windows

Assessment of drafts and overall condition.

Electrical overview

Assurance of basic functionality, highlighting any potential concerns.

Neighbourhood insights

Observations on the surrounding environment, including noteworthy factors like construction or noise levels.

Roof condition

Brief overview of any apparent issues with tiles and the chimney.

Water system

Report on water pressure and any leaks or problems with taps or the boiler.

Utility meters

Brief evaluation of their condition, highlighting any concerns.

Garden snapshot

Brief description of the garden and any significant size or condition issues.

Gutter check

 Report on their apparent functionality.

Kitchen assessment

Evaluation of the kitchen's state, focusing on appliances and surfaces when necessary.

Sensory observations

Notes on noticeable odors potentially indicating underlying issues.

Noise level

Information on external noise if it significantly impacts the living experience.


Our reports are not a substitute for a professional home survey. We focus on highlighting readily identifiable issues, ensuring you have a clear and informed perspective before making a decision.