how we help sellers and agents

1. Showcase listings effectively:

Video is a powerful tool to showcase properties, but goes beyond glossy visuals. We provide unbiased assessments, highlighting both positives and areas of improvement without judgement. This can:

Reduce irrelevant viewings

Don't waste time on potential buyers who wouldn't be interested after seeing the property in person.

Avoid unexpected surprises

Close more deals faster with well-informed and serious buyers.

Reduce travel costs

Eliminate unnecessary in-person viewings for buyers who wouldn't be a good fit.

Minimise environmental impact:

Contribute to a greener future by minimising unnecessary travel.

2. Expand your reach:

Gain access to a wider pool of potential buyers through the audience.

3. No hidden fees or commitment:

Partner with for FREE and see the benefits for yourself.

Our commitment to you and the Vendors


We prioritise presenting factual information, delivering objective and concise summaries of the property's condition and its surroundings. We refrain from including subjective opinions or judgments.


We adhere to a strict policy of not capturing faces or any sensitive/private information within the property.


We uphold a respectful distance, refraining from opening drawers, wardrobes, or taking video of any personal belongings.


In instances where there is uncertainty regarding the property's condition, we abstain from speculation. Instead, we either consult with you to ensure accurate representation or choose not to mention the issue at all.

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